DIY Back-To-School Desk Nameplates

It’s back-to-school season, so you all know what that means! We’re here again to show you some really easy DIY projects to make sure you have the cutest desk around! I’ve been seeing funny nameplates everywhere this year, but I couldn’t find a colorful version of one of these for the life of me, SO today we’re going to be making our own nameplates. These are totally customizable to your personality and you can pretty much put whatever phrase you want on them! I would have loved these when I was in school (I always hated how boring my desk was), but if you’re not going back-to-school, these are great for work desks too. PLUS we have some locker projects coming up next week, so you can have the best locker AND the best desk ever! Stay tuned!

Name plate holder (here)
Plastic craft sheet (here)
Spray paint in colors of your choice
Cardstock paper
White letter stickers
Exacto knife


1. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint your name plate holder. Set out and allow to dry completely.

2. Measure out the size of the cavity of your name plate holder. Using those measurements, draw a rectangle onto your plastic sheet with a sharpie.

3. Use an exacto knife to cut out the plastic and set it aside. Cut the same size rectangle out of cardstock.

4. Insert both the cardstock and clear plastic into the name plate holder, with the plastic on top of the cardstock.

5. Peel the protective backing off of the plastic piece you cut out. Figure out what you want your nameplate to say and place the phrase on the front of the nameplate using white letter stickers.

6. Put your new nameplate on your school or work desk!


Your desk will never feel more stylish! Plus, you can let everyone in your new class know about your love of tacos! Best first impression ever in my opinion. Ha! 😉 Can’t wait to show you what else we’re working on for back-to-school!

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