Weekend Round-Up!

Jumpsuit //  Heels // Sunglasses // Flamingo Float // Heart Float // Seashell Float

It’s National Pink Day (aka my everyday)!!! Ha! Let’s see, what’s been going on around here lately? Kyle’s last day of work at Nickelodeon was last week, so we’ve been adjusting to working together full time on blog posts and some other secret projects that I can’t wait to talk about. I also got tickets to go see Jurassic Park on 4th of July with fireworks so Kyle and I are headed to LA next week. This will kind of be our last trip for the rest of the Summer before we buckle down to a crazy work schedule with a lot of all-nighters, so bear with us if things have been/get a little slow over here on the blog. I promise I’ll still be good at updating you, giving sneak peeks, and sharing photos on Instagram and Insta stories! We’ll be working on prepping a lot of things this weekend and figuring out shoots while we’re in LA, so leave us a comment below if you have any food or shop recommendations!!


Fun things on the Internet this week…


I just bought one of these for every room in our apartment

We totally fooled some of you this week with our DIY cereal candle!

I want all of my oven mitts to look like cacti from now on

This bodega made completely out of felt just opened in NYC

I’ve been really into pants with ruffle legs lately

Stop it!!! These glasses make your drink look rainbow!

Do you guys remember sand art? Well here’s a fun spin on them

I put this pool float wallpaper on my desktop AND phone, it’s so good!


Anything fun planned this week? Sound off in the comments below!

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