DIY Melted Ice Cream Cupcakes

There’s no reason to cry over this melted ice cream because it’s actually a CUPCAKE!!! Did I fool you?! We used to bake cupcakes inside of ice cream allll of the time when I was younger, and it’s the perfect way to make these super easy Summer treats! I’ve been working hard on coming up with dessert ideas that are simple (because we could all use a little more time in the day), but also cute for birthdays and really any kind of parties. This one is a little bit more time consuming than some of the projects in our dessert hack series, but they came out more adorable than I could have imagined, so I’d say they’re worth it! 😉 Ice scream, you scream!!!!

Cupcake batter
Sugar ice cream cones
Vanilla frosting
Pink and white melting chocolate
Piping bag
Cupcake pan
Parchment paper
Baking sheet


1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, set aside. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your ice cream cones inside of the cavities of a cupcake pan.

2. Put your cupcake batter into a piping bag and fill each ice cream cone 2/3 of the way full. Bake for 20-23 minutes or until the tops start to turn golden. Allow to cool completely.

3. With the vanilla icing, frost the top of the cupcake so that it looks like a scoop of ice cream. Place in the refrigerator until the frosting has hardened.

4. In two separate bowls, melt the pink and white melting chocolates in 30 second intervals until they are completely melted. Scoop a small amount of chocolate into a piping bag and pipe an ice cream spill-looking shape onto the parchment paper.

5. Dip the frosting part of the cupcake in chocolate and stick it upside-down on the “ice cream spill” while the chocolate is still wet. Gently shake the baking sheet to remove air bubbles and smooth out the chocolate.

6. While the chocolate is still melted, add sprinkles and any other decorations to the melted ice cream cone.

7. Place in the refrigerator until the chocolate has hardened and carefully remove the ice creams from the parchment paper.


What other foods would you want to see turned into cupcakes? We did bubblegum machine ones a few weeks back in case you missed them! I could totally go for some real ice cream with these cupcakes right about now! Are we on the same page?! Ha!

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