DIY Cereal Bowl Candle

One of my favorite things to munch on during the day is cereal (trust me when I say we have EVERY kind of cereal in the pantry!) I’m always on the lookout for fun little home decor items to scatter around our apartment and I thought it would be kind of perfect to make a super easy candle that looks like a cereal bowl! Plus it smells like cereal milk/birthday cake too, so how can you go wrong?! 😉 This would be a great project to make with kids or even if you just need a fun gift for a friend. Have your cereal and decorate with it too, am I right?! Ha!

Heat safe bowl
Beeswax (here)
Wax whitener (here)
Candle wicks
Rainbow colors of fondant
Vanilla extract
Two skewers
Sharpened pencil
Metal spoon


1. Roll small pieces of your colored fondant into a ball and poke a hole in the middle using a pencil. Let the “cereal” sit out until it has hardened.

2. Fill up your heat safe bowl with wax and place it in the microwave in 30 second intervals until it has melted completely. Mix in a teaspoon of vanilla extract and wax whitener until it looks like the color of milk.

3. Once the top of the wax starts to harden, sprinkle your fondant “cereal” on top. Place a spoon in the bowl if you desire.

4. Place a wick in the center of the bowl and hold in place using two skewers.

5. Put the candle in the refrigerator until it has hardened completely. Trim down the wick and you have yourself a new candle!


If you’re craving some real cereal after all of that, we have a great recipe for cereal pop tarts right over here! What kind of cereal would you put in your candle? My favorite is probably cookie crisp because who can beat miniature cookies for breakfast?!

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