California Dreaming: Our Trip To The West Coast!

The day has arrived! I FINALLY finished editing our photos from California!!!! I know some of you have been waiting patiently to see them and I’m so excited to share with you the places we went. At the beginning of our trip we had only anticipated wandering around LA and Palm Springs, but once we got to California we found ourselves spending less and less time in both of those places and turning this into a mini road trip. We stopped at Joshua Tree, Salvation Mountain, and the Carlsbad Flower Fields, so we were allllll over the place! Vacations where we don’t really have a set agenda always turn out to be my favorite kind.

Anyways, let’s get into it, and be prepared for A LOT of photos!!! 😉


Our first stop in Palm Springs was The Saguaro. Although we didn’t stay there this time around, we still popped by to take some photos with the colorful walls (so I could have some Instagram content for you guys)! The Saguaro is always one of my favorite photo op places in Palm Springs because there are so many fun areas to take a bunch of different kinds of photos. Plus, the walls make for a perfect donut backdrop color! Ha!

This is the house we stayed at for the duration of our trip. Our friends over at Vacation Palm Springs helped us pick out the most beautiful mid-century modern home, complete with a rainbow glassware collection that is the most #goals thing I’ve ever seen! We dedicated a full day to just hanging out at the house and lounging by the pool because every vacation needs a pool day. And yes, I did pack all of this poll stuff in my suitcase…I had to come prepared haha!

One of my favorite things to do in Palm Springs is drive around the neighborhood to look for colorful doors. The Palm Springs neighborhoods have the BEST houses and I would love to live in any one of them someday! The pink door (deemed on Instagram as #thatpinkdoor) is everyone’s favorite house to visit, probably because the door looks like a giant pink chocolate bar!

I’d been dyingggg to go to Salvation Mountain for the longest time, and even though it’s a little bit in the middle of nowhere, we drove out there after stopping at Joshua Tree. I mean, how could I pass up getting to see a giant, colorful structure in the desert?! The photos we took here might be my favorite photos we’ve ever taken, and it’s just as crazy and magical in person as it looks on the internet!

The last stop on our trip was to the Carlsbad Flower Fields. And when I say last stop, we literally drove out here on the day of our flight home, drove to the airport, and got on a plane. Ha! We came at the perfect time of the year because the flowers were in full bloom. Go early in the morning if you plan on going and there won’t be any other people appearing in the background of your photos. 😉

Photos by Kyle Larsen

Whew! Are you still with me?! I hope you liked all of the photos and following along on this little adventure! We have plans to go to Miami at the end of the month, so expect a Miami post in the near future. I’m going to make sure to take photos of food and shops too to turn it into a full guide to Miami! Which one of the above places looks the most fun to you?!

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  1. This is so gorgeous! I love those doors. When I went to Greece, I took photos of all the amazing doors I was drooling over, and decided I really needed to step up my door game at home!

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