Weekend Round-Up!

Ahh Happy Easter weekend!!! It feels like we were just working on Valentine’s Day projects yesterday, so it’s weird that we’re already well into April. A couple of my Instagram pals (@sophlog and @randomactsofpastel) are in town, so I’ll be spending some time brunching and wall-crawling with them! Kyle and I don’t really do anything for Easter, but if the weather is nice (and we finish all of our work) we’ll be venturing out to Coney Island for the day. I’ve only ever been to Coney Island one other time, so I’m looking forward to going back again!

Next week is also our trip to Palm Springs and LA! We rented a mid-century modern home in Palm Springs after wondering why all of the hotels were booked. We are absolutely terrible at checking event dates before booking trips (we went to Vegas on Super Bowl weekend), and it just so happens that Coachella is happening while we’re there. But it all worked out because now we get our own pool and house for a week. Score! If you have any recommendations of where we should go, let us know in the comments, but right now we have Salvation Mountain, Cabazon Dinosaurs, and Joshua Tree on our to-see list. We also just found out that the Museum of Ice Cream is opening while we’re in LA, so that’s another thing we have to check out too! Are any of you folks in LA planning on going?!


Fun things on the Internet this week…


An easy upgrade to your Spring sandals

Who’s making their avocado or emoji eggs this weekend?!

All about the ruffle sleeves right now

Bunny cannolis are genius for a fun Easter treat

A fun twist on the dirt pudding cups you had as a kid

These tassel jeans are on my wishlist for Spring

So into this type of shoe right now

Just bought this rainbow swimsuit for Palm Springs


Above rainbow earrings are from our DIY project here!

Anything fun planned this week? Sound off in the comments below!

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