Our Trip To The Museum Of Ice Cream LA!

One of the highlights of our Palm Springs/LA trip was getting to go to the Museum of Ice Cream! I had gone to the first one ever when it was in New York, and we were lucky that our trip dates coincided with the opening preview for the Los Angeles MOIC! So the museum is basically like a Willy Wonka dream world come to life, complete with a sprinkle pool, a room full of bananas, scratch and sniff wallpaper, giant popsicles, and crazy ice cream flavors that you get to munch on throughout. I mean, I don’t know if I could even come up with anything that screams ME more than this does! We took a photo in almost every room, so you’ll be able to get a little sneak peek into the crazy Museum of Ice Cream world (and basically a glimpse of what inside my brain looks like)! Ha!

To everyone who is going soon, make sure to take an extra photo in front of the gummy bears for me. We were too preoccupied with eating the gummy bears to actually remember to take a photo in front of the giant ones! Buttttt more importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

And did I mention that they painted the whole outside of the museum pink?! Because they totally DID!!! I had a quick outfit change and we took some photos along the outside of the museum too!

Photos by Kyle Larsen

If you’re in LA, or going to be in LA, get tickets fast! (Seriously, it’s just as good as it looks on Instagram) 😉 Tickets are sold out for April and May right now, but June tickets go on sale tomorrow, so get on that!!! And even if you don’t end up getting tickets, go utilize the outside for a photoshoot. A massive pink building equals so many worthy photo opportunities!

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  1. So so much love for this, I love the photography as well! I’m super curious about Th The photography settings, I saw the light in those rooms from Instagram, and the pictures look amazing. Tell Kyle he did a great job! By the way, is there a post anywhere about you tWo? I’d love to hear how you got together!

  2. I’m usually the silent reader around here but I just had to comment because that museum is bomb! All those colors, prints, ice cream and sprinkles! OMG moment. It must have felt magical.

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