DIY Tassel Mule Sandals


Since it seems like Spring and the warm weather are finally here to stay, I thought we’d tackle something we’ve never done before; a shoe DIY! Tassels have been EVERYWHERE this season (I’ve even seen shirts covered in tassels), and ever since I got these new, pink mules I’ve been dying to throw some rainbow tassels on them and make them a little more Summer-ready. The best part is that you can make these fit your style too! We went a little crazy and did rainbow colors, but you could do black and white or even just put on one tassel. The customization is yours! We also had time (for once) to go super detailed into the how-to photos, so have with this!



Embroidery thread
3″ wide piece of cardboard
Fabric glue
Embroidery needle
Leather punch
Mule sandals (we got ours here)




1. Cut out a piece of cardboard 3″ wide. Wrap the embroidery thread around the cardboard about 20 times.

2. Using sharp scissors, cut one side of the embroidery thread you just wrapped. Lay the string out flat and tie a double knot around the middle.

3. Put the string back together and with another strand of thread, wrap around the tassel about 1/4 of the way from the top. Tie off with a double knot and secure the knot in place with a dab of fabric glue.

4. Cut your tassel to the desired length. Repeat these steps until you have enough tassels to fill your shoe.

5. Place the tassels where you will want them to go on the shoe and mark the tops of the tassels with a pencil dot. Using your leather punch, punch holes in all of the places that you marked.

6. Thread each tassel through the shoe using an embroidering needle. Tie them together on the inside of the shoe and cut off any excess string.

7. Using fabric glue, put dots of glue over each of the knots inside to secure the tassel string to the inside of the shoe. Allow the glue to dry completely and rock your new shoes!



It’s 70 degrees here today, so I can’t wait to rock these sandals outside finally! My afternoon meetings better watch out because I’m going to walk into them in tassel-fashion! 😉 And we have another tassel project in the works already, so get excited!

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