DIY Snapchat Filter Easter Eggs


Wellll we brought out the Snapchat filters for Halloween and Christmas, so you know it was a no-brainer to turn Easter eggs into everyone’s favorite filters! I’m crazy about how these turned out, and they are SUPER  easy to make, so they’re a perfect project to do with your kids or at a party with friends. I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that I’m a Snapchat filter addict. It’s hard to not want to throw on a filter when they literally put make-up on you! Anddd I will continue to use filters until Snapchat does my make-up in real life. Ha! But seriously, if you decorate any Easter eggs this year, at least make the rainbow unicorn, it’s still making me crack up looking at it now!




5 hard-boiled eggs or craft eggs
Egg dye or acrylic paint
Paint brush
Hot glue gun
Snapchat filter printable (here)





1. Paint your eggs and allow them to dry. We used craft eggs, but if you are using hard-boiled eggs, use egg dye.

2. Print and cut out the snapchat filter templates.

3. Once the eggs have dried completely, hot glue the paper Snapchat filter pieces to the eggs and viola!



What is your go-to filter?! I’m waiting for them to bring back the rainbow unicorn, but until then, I’ll just keep rocking the deer or the new tiger one. Now go take a selfie with your eggs! And the challenge is…to see if you can get a filter to work on your eggs too! Double filterssss. 😉

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