DIY Rainbow Felt Letter Board


I’m SOOOO excited about this project guys! After seeing how crazy expensive felt letter boards are, I was set on finding out how to make a cheaper solution. Then it hit me that corrugated cardboard totally looks like the front of a letter board, plus it’s so much cheaper it’s ridiculous! And guess how much our version cost?! $10!!! Not even joking. You can go buy like 15 tacos with all of that leftover money. So today we’re showing you how to make a rainbow letter board, because I already have a pink one and I’ve been dreaming up a rainbow version for A WHILE. As if my desk wasn’t already the most colorful, it’s about to get even moreee colorful! Let’s do this!



One-sided corrugated cardboard sheet (we got ours at Staples)
Craft felt sheets in rainbow colors
Craft glue or hot glue
Picture frame (we used a 16″ x 12″ frame)
Plastic letter (here)



1. Cut your piece of cardboard to the size of your picture frame.

2. Next you’re going to cut your felt sheets into strips (this is going to require a little bit of math). Since I wanted 10 colors to fit onto the board, I measured how big the piece of cardboard was and divided that number by 10 to know how long to make each strip of felt.

3. Place the felt onto the cardboard and run craft glue or hot glue along the ridges. Press down firmly on the felt to sandwich it in between the cardboard ridges. I used hot glue on my letter board to save time, but I found that craft glue allows a little more room in each ridge when you are putting the letters on at the end.

4. Continue placing the felt on, one color after another until you have covered the whole board. Trim off any pieces of felt that hang over the cardboard.

5. Remove the glass from the picture frame and secure the felt board into the frame. Place your letters on and say what you mean! 😉


Soooo what are you going to write on your new letter board?! Before I hang mine up, I’m changing it to say “On Wednesdays We Wear Rainbow.” Ha! The best part about this project is that you could do it with any color combination. I’m thinking a pink ombre letter board is in my future!

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25 Responses

  1. Did you maje the all pink one using same method? Curious, What size wAs that one? Also where Did you get the unicorn card?!? Eee! Thx Sam 🦄✨🎀💖🦄✨

    1. Hi Dawn!
      The pink one and the unicorn card are actually from! This rainbow one is 16″ x 12.” Hope that helps!
      xo Sam

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