DIY Pink Flamingo Slippers


Ever since I got my pink flamingo slippers from Asos, you guys have been asking where to get a pair of your own. Sadly, the Asos ones sold out SO quickly BUT you’re in luck because we’re showing you how to make DIY pink fuzzy flamingo slippers (say that one 5 times fast) today! I had been dreaming up this project for so long, but was afraid that it would look too crafty or cheesy. After working on so many other sewing projects lately, I took the plunge and busted out my needle and thread to help you guys up your slipper game! Booyah! This is a great project to work on while you’re watching TV or if you’re having a craft night with all of your gal pals AND you’ll get to rock some awesome fuzzy slippers when you’re done, so that’s definitely a plus!



2 Pairs of pink fuzzy slippers (here)
Black felt
Pink felt
Polyester filling
Hand sewing needle
White thread



1. Lay out your pink felt and trace and cut out 4 identical flamingo head shapes. With the black felt, cut out 4 flamingo beaks. Using one pair of the fuzzy slippers, cut out 4 wing shapes for the flamingo’s wings.

2. Using your hand sewing needle and thread, attach the beaks to each of the flamingo heads. Tie off and knot the thread after you finish sewing each beak.

3. With right sides together, sew two of the flamingo heads all the way around the outside.

4. Turn the flamingo right side out and stuff the head with the polyester filling. Once the flamingo head has been stuffed, sew up any remaining part of the head and knot and cut off any loose strings.

5. Sew the flamingo head and wings to the top of the slippers, making sure they are securely fastened to the slipper before knotting your thread. Rock those new flamingo slippers!



You could use this tutorial to make swans, unicorns, toucans, the possibilities are endless!!! You could have a whole army of fuzzy animal slippers, and your feet never have to be cold again! Plus, they’ll look super cute AND warm. 😉 And if you need another flamingo project to do after you finish these, we have a flamingo cake, flamingo marshmallows, and a flamingo lamp!

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