DIY Avocado Easter Eggs

3-AvocadoEasterEggsHoly guacamole!!! I can’t believe we’re already almost at Easter! We’re seriously running out of DIY ideas for Easter eggs, BUT I thought it would be fun to show you guys how to decorate your eggs to look like one of my favorite foods, the avocado! This project is soooo easy too, so it’s a great one to make with little ones or on Easter morning. I still can’t get over how cute these mini avocados look, and with all of the real avocados I bought for these photos, I’m going to be making a mean guac today to munch on! Which do you like better, chips and guac or guacamole on tacos?!




White hard-boiled eggs
Gumballs (we bought gold ones from Party City)
Hot glue gun
Exacto or olfa knife
Green craft paint or green egg dye
Brown craft paint
Small paintbrush




1. Paint or dye your eggs green. We painted ours with craft paint, but you could also dye them green with Easter egg dye. Allow to dry completely.

2. Cut your gumball in half carefully using an exacto knife. Make sure you have a good grip on it before you start cutting.

3. Paint both halves of the gumball with brown craft paint and allow to dry completely before handling.

4. Hot glue one half of the gumball to the front of your green egg, and you’ve got yourself an avocado egg!


6-AvocadoEasterEggs1-AvocadoEasterEggsNow, I know what you’re thinking because this post totally made me hungry for tacos too! Good thing tacos are acceptable for dinner every night of the week in my book. Ha! Taco ’bout the best dinner ever. What are some other Easter projects you want to see?

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