Chicks Rule Easter Party!


I’m SO excited about today’s post! I know I say that a lot, but seriously, this one’s a really really good one! And guess what? We’ve partnered with my absolute FAVORITE candy, HI-CHEW, to bring you a modern take on an Easter party. Since I love the idea of having a gals day for Valentine’s day, we wanted to bring that concept to Easter too and throw a “Chicks Rule” Easter party complete with nail polish, eye masks, and of course Hi-CHEW’s new Spring Mix Bag! We have a total of six (count ’em SIX) DIYs in today’s post, anddd they’re all two-step projects, so get ready for some easy ways to make your Easter party that much cooler this year. The new Spring Mix Bag is filled to the brim with classic HI-CHEW flavors, and you know I love a good strawberry HI-CHEW. Let’s jump in! (We obviously went heavy on the puns. 😉 Egg-cellent hare, don’t care!)



Pink mirror (we got ours from Bed Bath & Beyond)
Pink adhesive vinyl
Pink and white felt
Hot glue gun


1. Using the pink and white felts, cut out almond bunny ear shapes. Hot glue the pink felt on top of the white felt piece and allow to dry.

2. Hot glue the ears to the top of the mirror and hold in place until completely dried.

3. Cut a nose and whiskers out of the pink adhesive vinyl. Clean off the mirror and stick the vinyl to the middle.



Acrylic boxes (here)
Adhesive vinyl in white, pink, mint, yellow, and blue


1. Clean off the boxes thoroughly before applying any of the vinyl.

2. Cut letters out of the white vinyl and either the pink, mint, yellow, or blue vinyl that say ‘chicks rule.’

3. Stick the white letters to the front of the box first, pressing down firmly. Then place the colored letters on top of the white, creating a drop shadow.

4. Fill up the box with goodies and gift to your best chicks!



Strawberry, green apple, and mango HI-CHEW
Wooden skewer


1. Remove three different flavors of HI-CHEW from the packaging.

2. Pierce the skewer through the middle of the HI-CHEW one by one until you have a stack of three.

3. Place the skewer in your soda as a drink stirrer and enjoy!



Plain headband (here)
Alphabet letter beads (here)
Hot glue gun


1. Pick out the word you want your headband to say and find the alphabet letters for that word.

2. Space them out on the headband before gluing, then hot glue the bottoms of the letters to the headband.

3. Rock your new headband with all of your gal pals!



Plain eye mask (here)
Iron on vinyl in white and yellow
Cotton cloth


1. Cut out an egg white in the white iron on vinyl and a yolk out of yellow.

2. Make sure your eye mask is flat and free of any dust or wrinkles. Place the iron on vinyl onto the mask where you want it to go.

3. Place your iron on the cotton setting. Put a cotton cloth over the eye mask and press down with the iron until the vinyl is adhered to the mask securely.

4. Allow to cool down completely, and relax with your eye mask!


Host a fun Easter egg candy hunt by placing HI-CHEW inside of Easter eggs and hiding them around the house or outside!


Photos by Kyle Larsen

I’m so ready to have all of my gal pals over now for a fun Easter party! And if you haven’t tried the HI-CHEW Spring Mix Bag yet, make sure to run to the nearest Walgreens or Meijer because they are SO good! Seriously.

This post was sponsored by HI-CHEW. All content and opinions are my own. Thank you for continuing to support sponsors that make this blog a lot more Aww Sam! You can find more about my sponsorship opportunities here.

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