Weekend Round-Up!


Happy long weekend everyone! One of my dreams came true this month because I’m in the newest issue of BUST Magazine!!!!  Plus, it’s an issue with so many important political topics AND Kim freaking Gordon, so you know I’m excited to be part of it. (BRB fan-girling a little bit) 😀 If you guys happen to pick up a copy, send me a photo, and let me know what you thought of my interview!


In other news, we don’t have many plans this weekend and it’s supposed to be pretty warm here on Sunday, so I’m thinking a day outside would be nice! I usually work on crafts or photos every weekend, all weekend, but starting this week I’m making a conscious effort to take one day out of the weekend to do something fun and non work-related. So that means no photos, no crafts, and no editing unless they’re projects I genuinely want to work on for FUN! I’ve been getting burnt out trying to work on so many things at once and always coming up with fresh, new ideas that I haven’t taken much time to myself the past few months. Plus there are a few new movies out that I’ve been itching to see, so you’ll catch me at the movie theater this weekend instead of slaving over Adobe Lightroom in my usual spot in the studio. Ha! Hope you are all taking some time to yourself too!


Fun things on the Internet this week…


This will be the newest addition to my pool float collection

Did you check out our Vegas Vacation guide yet?!

Last week we shared a birthday cake table cloth, and now there’s this!

Ugh, why don’t you just take a chill pill…or make one instead

This rainbow gradient is to DIE for!

Where was this during Christmas? You know I love a good flamingo

Who else was a huge fan of Clueless? You’ll need these!

I already found my dream swimsuit, now where’s the sun?


Anything fun planned this week? Sound off in the comments below!

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