Giant Donut Cake: Three Ways


Did we fool you?! These donuts are actually CAKES!! We haven’t done a donut-related project on here in a while and I’ve been meaning to whip out my donut cake pan again (the last time we used them was for the pool float cakes), so we’re showing you three different donut cake ideas today! I’m already crazy about these and am going to request them for my birthday every year from now on. They’re super easy to make and you don’t have to be amazing at frosting cakes to make them look good (trust me, frosting cakes is my weakness). Anyways, who’s ready to dig in?!



Donut cake pan (here)
Your favorite vanilla cake recipe
Pink frosting, chocolate frosting, and vanilla frosting
Fondant in rainbow colors
Piping bag
Sharp knife



1. Bake your cakes according to the instructions on the donut cake pan. Place the cakes in the refrigerator and allow to cool completely.

2. Once the cakes are cooled, level off the tops with a sharp knife. Spread a very thin layer of vanilla frosting on the top of 1/2 of the cake. Place the other cake on top, forming a donut shape.

3. For the chocolate frosted donut, spread frosting over the top 1/4 of the cake. Place vanilla frosting in a piping bag and pipe vanilla drizzle over top of the chocolate frosting.

4. For the sprinkled donut, make large sprinkle shapes using your colored fondant and let sit out overnight to harden. Spread pink frosting over the cake in a scalloped pattern and place the sprinkles you just made all over the top.

5. For the vanilla glazed donut, spread vanilla frosting over 1/4 of the top of the cake.

6. Place all of the cakes in the refrigerator to allow the frosting to harden. Serve with candles in the top for a birthday party or enjoy as is!



How many of you thought these were actual donuts? I know at first glance I would have thought they were just normal donuts too! I’m so ready to dig into the pink frosted donut cake, those are my absolute favorite kind of donuts!

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