Easy DIY Chill Pill-ow


Why don’t you just take a chill pill? We’re back with our first DIY of the year, and you’re probably going to need a chill pill after you see how much fun this project is! I’m not going to lie, I actually thought of this project while I was sleeping and had one of those moments where I woke up in the middle of the night to write it down before I forgot completely. I’m apparently even DIY-ing in my dreams! Ha! But I wasn’t sleeping on a chill pill-ow just yet. 😉 We’re making super easy pillow versions of pink “chill pills” today inspired by one of my favorite Ban.do pins! You guys seem to love pillow projects (exhibit A) and this year I’m challenging myself to show you more home decor, so let’s start with a simple one that can be a sew OR a no-sew project!



Pink jersey fabric or pink felt
White jersey fabric or white felt
Sewing machine or fabric glue
Black felt
Hot glue gun
Sewing needle and thread
Polyester fiber fill (here)




1. Cut half of the pill shape out of white fabric and the other half out of pink fabric. Sew or glue both pieces together in the middle. Repeat this step so you get two fabric pills.

2. Sew both pieces, right sides together, leaving a small opening so you can stuff the pillow. Turn the pillow right side out.

3. Using the polyester fiber fill, fill the pillow completely. Sew closed the rest of the pillow and cut off any lose threads.

4. With the black felt, cut out letters that say “Chill Pillow.” Hot glue the letters to the front of the pillow wherever you want them to be placed.

2-chillpillpillows5-chillpillpillowsAre you guys convinced yet that you need a sofa full of these?! Because I sure am! Everyone needs a chill pill-ow once in a while! And since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, here’s another fun throw pillow project!


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