DIY Emoji Heart Chocolate Valentine’s Box!


I’ve always loved the idea of giving out chocolate boxes for Valentine’s Day (I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?!), but the ones in the store aren’t always the cutest to look at, and I’m a strong believer in the idea that homemade chocolate is better. Soooo today we’re taking everyone’s favorite heart, the emoji heart, and turning it into something edible! That’s right folks, we’re making emoji heart chocolates and chocolate boxes!! I’m so excited to give these out to all of my gal pals this year. If this chocolate box doesn’t scream “this is an Aww Sam gift,” I don’t know what does! 😉



Heart chocolate box
Hot pink paint
Yellow construction paper
Large paintbrush
Craft glue
Heart shaped chocolate mold (here)
Hot pink chocolate candy melts
Yellow fondant
Diamond fondant cutter (here)
Mini cupcake papers




1. Open up the chocolate box and remove the chocolates from the inside (the best part is you can eat these yourself)! Paint the outside of the box with your hot pink paint and large paintbrush. You may need a few coats to cover up the whole box. Set aside to dry.

2. Cut two diamonds out of yellow construction paper and glue them to the lid of the box once the paint has dried.

3. To make the chocolates, melt pink chocolate melts as per the instructions on the bag and pour the chocolate into your heart molds. Place in the refrigerator until the chocolate has set. Remove the chocolates from the mold.

4. Roll out your yellow fondant and cut out small diamonds using your diamond fondant cutter. Allow to set out at room temperature until they are solid.

5. Using a small paintbrush, brush water onto the backs of the fondant diamonds and stick them onto the chocolate hearts.

6. Place the chocolate hearts into mini cupcake papers and put them inside of your emoji chocolate box. Gift it to a friend or keep it to eat yourself!



What do you guys think?! Are you with me in that you’ll only be wanting to eat emoji heart-shaped chocolates from now on? This is such a quick and easy project that you could make them as party favors for every guest at your Galentine’s Day party. I think they’d be a huge hit! But if you’re not into chocolate and still want to gift an emoji heart valentine, check out these emoji heart donuts!

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