DIY Celebrity Heartthrob Valentine’s Day Balloons


I’m so excited to finally share this project with you guys!!! I have been patiently waiting since the beginning of the year for the right time to start posting Valentine’s projects, and today’s the day! Do you remember the celebrity heartthrob cookies we made last year? Well we gave them a little upgrade and turned them into balloons this year. Just think about how perfect a bunch of these would be for your Galentine’s Day party! I know all of my friends that have seen La La Land would freak out at the sight of a Ryan Gosling balloon. And if the prospect of a Chris Pratt balloon wasn’t enough to convince you that you need these, they only take a few minutes to make! (Seriously, they might be the easiest project we’ve ever done 😉 ) Let’s start planning out those V-Day parties!



Heart shaped mylar balloons (here)
Black large letter stickers
Helium tank
Balloon ribbon




1. Lay your balloon flat on a hard surface. Place the ruler across the balloon where you want the name to go.

2. Place the letter stickers in a line across the ruler. Press down on the letters firmly.

3. Once you have the name of the celebrity complete, inflate the balloon using a helium tank or take it to your local party store to inflate.

4. If you chose to inflate the balloon on your own, attach a balloon string to the bottom of the balloon.

5. Repeat these steps for more celebrity heartthrob balloons and throw a fun Galentine’s Day party!



Photos by Kyle Larsen

Which celebrities would you put on your balloons?! My favorite out of these is definitely Drake, but if I had my ideal celebrity heartthrob balloon, it would be Jason Schwartzman. Rushmore is one of my favorite movies, and I’ve had a thing for Jason Schwartzman ever since then. Ha!

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