DIY Rainbow Lisa Frank Gingerbread House


I have been so excited to show you all our RAINBOW Lisa Frank gingerbread house! We found this image online of an actual drawing of a Lisa Frank gingerbread house from the 90s and I knew we had to try our best to recreate the magic. I bought a gingerbread house kit at the beginning of the Holiday season, and it turns out that the shape is absolutely perfect to make this Lisa Frank gingerbread house, so there’s no baking involved in this project (unless you want to bake of course)! Now all of you folks that do a traditional gingerbread house making party have a theme! And if this DIY hasn’t proven our love of rainbows to you yet, I don’t know what will. Ha! 😉



Gingerbread house kit (here)
White fondant
Food coloring in blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, and purple
Chocolate candy melts in rainbow colors
Rainbow peppermint sticks (here)
Rolling pin
Sharp knife



1. Start out by using the icing from the gingerbread house kit and tiling the roof with rainbow candy melts. We did 5 rows of candy melts. Allow the roof to dry completely.

2. Color your white fondant in rainbow colors. Roll up the fondant and cut out large cylinders for the gumdrops on the sides of the house. Set these aside.

3. Roll out some of the white fondant with a rolling pin. Cut out a rectangle for the door, a rectangle for the side window, and two squares for the front windows. Roll out the pink fondant and cut small strips to place crosses over the windows. To make the rainbow pieces around the windows, we marbled together multiple colors of fondant. Adhere the windows to the outside of the house with icing.

4. For the rainbow stripes on the door, roll out every color of fondant and cut stripes. Wet the back of the strips and place them on the door. Stick the door to the front of the house with icing.

5. Cut your rainbow candy cane in 4 equal pieces and stick these in the corners of the house with icing.

6. Once all of the pieces are secure to the outside of the house, use your icing to put “snow” on the roof of the house. Using your colored fondant, roll up little pieces to look like sprinkles and place those on the roof. Allow all of the icing to dry and you have yourself a Lisa Frank gingerbread house!



Have you planned out how you’re decorating your gingerbread houses yet this year? I’m definitely thinking about putting this one in a box and preserving it for next year too! It’s just too cute to eat, right?!

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