DIY “Ugly” Tropical Christmas Sweater


The “ugly” sweater project you guys have all been waiting for is here!!! And we went TROPICAL! I’m all about unconventional Holiday traditions, so wrapping a palm tree in Christmas lights seemed right up my alley. Plus, this post gave me an excuse to bust out my pineapple drink cups again. Ha! You can make this sweater in less than an hour, so I expect to see all of you wearing and gifting tropical palm tree sweaters to all of your friends soon!



Green and brown yarn
Size J crochet hook
Tapestry needle
Felt in pink, lilac, orange, yellow, brown, blue, and green
Brown embroidery thread
Hot glue gun





1. To make the palm trees, we followed this crochet pattern. Double the stitches for the larger palm tree. If you don’t want to crochet the palm trees, cut palm leaves out of green felt and a trunk out of brown felt.

2. To make the Christmas lights, cut teardrop shapes out of different colors of felt. Put a brown felt cap on the top of them. Hot glue all of the lights together on a string of brown embroidery thread.

3. Using pink felt, cut out a silhouette of a flamingo. Add brown felt legs and a small felt santa hat. Hot glue everything together.

4. To assemble the sweater, use fabric glue to attach felt “sand” pieces to the bottom of the sweater. With a tapestry needle, sew the crochet pieces onto the sweater. If you’re using felt for the palm trees, glue them on with fabric glue.

5. Glue the flamingo in place. Drape the Christmas lights over the palm tree trunks and glue them in place. We also placed a string of lights around the neck of the sweater, so glue that in place if you want that addition as well. Allow everything to dry for 24 hours before wearing.


3-tropicaluglysweater8-tropicaluglysweater1-tropicaluglysweaterDo you guys have any fun Holiday traditions in your family? You can start an ugly sweater-making party and all make tropical palm tree sweaters this year!

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