DIY Pun Ornament Wreath


We have been busting out ALL of the Christmas puns over on Instagram this year, and you guys have been loving them! So I thought, why not re-create our pun ornaments from last year and put them all together on an ornament wreath? When method challenged us to come up with a project for their #fearnomess campaign, I knew that this would be the perfect project to work on. Just think about how much paint and glue goes into making one of these kinds of wreaths! But don’t you worry, we have the help of method’s pink grapefruit all-purpose cleaner along the way, and you’ll have yourself a pun ornament wreath in no time! Now who’s ready to sleigh?! Where are my jingle ladies at?! 😉



Clear ornaments (here)
Spray paint in various colors
Letter stickers
Hot glue gun
Foam wreath
method pink grapefruit all purpose cleaner




1. In a well ventilated area, spray paint the clean ornaments in various colors. Allow to dry completely.

2. Starting on the outside, hot glue ornaments to the wreath. Continuing hot gluing until the whole wreath is covered in ornaments.

3. Using your letter stickers, create puns on some of the ornaments. I chose to do seven puns total which you can see below.

4. Once all of the puns are secure on the ornaments, clean off any excess glue or spray paint dust off of the wreath using method’s pink grapefruit all-purpose cleaner.

5. Hang up on the wall using two nails and you’ve got yourself a new wreath!


You still have time to whip one of these up before the Holidays! What Christmas pun is your favorite? I’m really feeling fab-yule-ous as my favorite right now!


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