Weekend Round-Up + Hello From San Diego!



Happy Friday from sunny San Diego!! If you didn’t know already, I’ve been in San Diego this week for an Adobe conference, eating my weight in tacos and matching with every pink wall! After all of the Halloween craziness, I definitely needed a little time away (plus it was perfect timing to jet off to San Diego just as the weather started getting cold in NYC). It’s November and I went swimming in an outdoor pool yesterday, that’s so crazy to me! Ha! I’m headed to Salvation Mountain today for the first time ever and I can’t wait to be bombarded with colors and patterns. Sadly it’s my last day here, but if anyone has any last minute recommendations for food or fun spots to check out, let me know!


Fun things on the Internet this week…


I seem to be obsessed with blush pink lately and this clutch is no exception

Did you check out the pastel Friendsgiving party we threw yet?

I’d like pillows like these in my apartment please

Two words: pink fur. I just bought this winter jacket and it was the best purchase decision

These clay typography signs are such a genius idea

I’m all about beaded bomber jackets for Fall

Asos is having a sale on shoes, so naturally I bought these boots

Now that Halloween is over can we start talking about Christmas already?


Anything fun planned this week? Sound off in the comments below! P.S. Go vote!

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