Holiday Snow Globe Cake


You didn’t think we were going to go through Christmas without doing a cake, did you? And this might be one of the most fun cakes we’ve made yet! A SNOW GLOBE cake!! Yes, we went there folks, AND we put some flamingo candles inside. I mean, what else would you put inside a snow globe? Ha! You don’t even need to make your own cake for this one, a store-bought one will do the trick too, so you’ll be wanting to bring these to all of your Holiday parties this year. We put an edible tree inside of ours, but you can put bottle brush trees, snowmen figurines, the possibilities are endless. Have fun making your “snow globe!”



Your favorite 9″ cake
Vanilla frosting
Shredded coconut
8″ plastic fish bowl
Sugar cone
Green frosting
Flamingo candles



1. Cover the outside of the cake in vanilla frosting and place the shredded coconut all over the cake. Chill the cake in the refrigerator for an hour.

2. To make the edible Christmas tree, turn a sugar cone upside down. Using a star piping tip and green frosting, cover the outside in leaves. Place sprinkles on the tree for ornaments.

3. Place the Christmas tree and the flamingo candles in the middle of the cake and make sure they are secure.

4. Cut a channel out on the top of the cake for the fish bowl to sit down into. Push the fish bowl into the cake so that the lip of the bowl is hidden.

5. Using more vanilla frosting, ice the top of the fish bowl and cover it in shredded coconut.



What are you going to put into your snow globe cake? Think of how cute a pink Christmas tree would be, or little presents! Be right back, going to make another one of these with a palm tree and a pineapple!

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  1. This is amazing! Going to make this the centre piece at christmas and put a fat snowman in it. I love the flamingos 😀

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