DIY Thanksgiving Pie Cakes


We’re turning cakes into other foods again today, and this time it’s for Thanksgiving! I’ve never been the biggest fan of pie (I know, don’t hate me), and my dessert of choice every night would have to be cake. So we’re showing you how to make a cherry pie and a pumpkin pie CAKE! This would be such a cute alternative dessert for all of your Friendsgiving festivities this year, and you might even be able to fool a few of your friends into thinking that these are actually pies. Ha! If you need me, I’m going to be finishing off that cherry pie cake for breakfast!



Your favorite cake batter
Buttercream frosting
White fondant
Rolling pin
Sharp knife
Red and brown food coloring



1. Color your buttercream light brown with food coloring. Ice the outside of your cakes in the buttercream. Chill until the buttercream has hardened.

2. In the meantime, dye your fondant the same light brown as the buttercream. Color another small batch of fondant red by using red food coloring.

3. To make the cherry pie, roll pieces of red fondant into cherry shapes and set aside. Use a rolling pin to flatten the light brown fondant to 1/4″ thickness. Cut strips for the crust and for the lattice work on top. Place the cherries on top of the cake and put the fondant crust in place over the cherries. Use a fork to create marks along the outer area of crust.

4. To make the pumpkin pie, color your buttercream dark orange and ice only the top with this color. Roll out your light brown fondant to 1/4″ thickness and cut a long strip. Using your fingers, create waves in the fondant strip and place it along the outside edge on the top of your cake. Finish off with a dolop of buttercream in the center.


5-thanksgivingpiecakes 4-thanksgivingpiecakes

What kind of pie would you make your cakes? I’m thinking I’m going to have to make a blueberry pie cake next! And if you want to crave some real pumpkin pie, make sure to check out the NYC pumpkin pie tour we did!

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