DIY 90’s Throwback Tree Ornaments


The 90s are back on the blog again, and we’re going Holiday with them this time! When we were coming up with themes for our pink tree this year, we had an ah-ha moment where we realized we’ve never put koosh balls on our tree before. They’re already like little rainbow snowballs, so why not incorporate them into Holiday season, right?! Plus, making this post gave me an excuse to order copious amounts of bubble tape. Ha! Turn on Clueless, grab a ring pop, and let’s get decorating the tree!



Clear ornaments (here)
Yellow and black spray paint
Adhesive vinyl in white, black, and blue
Small sharpie
Koosh balls (here)
Bubble tape
Sticky hands
Mini disco balls



1. Spray paint half of the clear ornaments black and half of the ornaments yellow. Allow to dry completely.

2. Cut eyes and a mouth out of black vinyl to make a smiley face and stick the vinyl onto your yellow ornaments.

3. Cut an “8” and a circle out of white vinyl and stick it to one side of the black ornament. Cut a blue triangle out of blue vinyl and stick it to the other side of the ornament. Using a small sharpie, write magic 8 balls phrases onto the blue triangle.

4. Attach strings to all of the ornaments, the koosh balls, and the bubble tape, and place everything on your tree for a fun 90’s themed Christmas tree!


How are you guys planning on decorating your tree this year? I’ve already seen a rainbow tree and a tropical pineapple tree floating around on Pinterest, and I’m dying to try them all!

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  1. I’ve been looking for a 90s insPired christmas tree 🌲 and i LOVE this💕🌈 i definitely will try to recreate this.

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