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The day has finally arrived for us to reveal out new site! AHHHH! I’ve been so excited I could hardly hold back showing you sneak peeks. Our old site needed a MAJOR upgrade, so we enlisted the help of the incredible (INCREDIBLE!!) Fuze Branding team to bring our fun, new vision to life! I couldn’t have even imagined a better group to work with, and all of the really unique features on this new site (mad lib-style contact form, magic 8 ball) were dreamt up by Fuze! And if you haven’t noticed already, we have a new logo too! We worked with Fuze on a new logo, brand colors, fun icons, and so much other really cool stuff that I thought I could share some of the logistics and highlight some of my favorite features on the site for you to check out first. Let’s get to it!


First we started out with one of my favorite parts of the process, a new logo! I had made my previous one by myself a year and a half ago and I was never truly in love with it, so I was over the moon to start fresh with a brand new feeling for Aww Sam. I knew that I wanted something with a hand-drawn look to it (so many logos I see are either script or a san serif Futura-looking font), so choosing something a little more unique was high up on my list of priorities. I ultimately decided to move forward on developing the second logo, where we played with the drop shadow, size of the letters, and color! And we ended up with this; more playful and more personality than my previous logo!


Next we moved on to the brand family and identity where we got to play with colors, fonts, icons, and patterns for the new site! Since I already had a very clear brand direction and colors, this step was an easier one and the brand colors (with a few minor tweaks) were basically determined within the first round. We obviously needed pink and yellow, which are my most used colors, with a little bit of light blue and mint green thrown in there as well.



Fuze also made some fun brand patterns to be used around the site based off of popular themes in my brand. My absolute favorite one is the unicorn dust, and if you watched our first YouTube video last week, you’ll see that I used it a lot in there!


Now let’s talk about the new site!!! One of the biggest and most important things that the old site was missing were categories! If you come to the site and are looking to find all of our donut recipes, it’s so much easier to just go into the Baked category and click on donuts. There’s even a category for every Holiday, so if you’ve missed all of the Halloween posts we’ve done so far this year,  just head on over to Themed and check out some DIY Halloween costumes!


I want you to go do some exploring on your own, but before I leave you, I wanted to show you my two favorite things; the magic 8 ball and the contact form! That’s right folks, we now have a magic 8 ball on the sidebar!!! I mean, how cool is that?! When you ask it a question, it actually animates and shows you an answer! Go give it a whirl. And we can’t forget about the new contact form! Of course you can always contact me through email in the traditional sense, but we now have a fun mad lib-style form with drop down menus so you can customize your message. I can’t wait to see the funny messages you guys are going to send me! Ha!

magic8ball contactform

I’ll leave you to go check everything out now, but I hope you guys love this new site as much as I do! I know I’ll be playing around with that magic 8 ball feature throughout the day today! I can’t thank the team at Fuze Branding enough, they were truly incredible to work with, and if you’re ever in need of re-branding and web development, I recommend them 1000%. Have fun exploring the new!!! 😉

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  1. Oh my gosh congratulations on your new site, it looks absolutely amazing!!! I am commenting, though, to make use of your adorable new comment boxes. Love! 🙂


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