How To Glam Up Your Candy Apples


We’re glamming up candy apples today with FOUR different fun toppings! We’ve got funfetti, circus animal cookie, cosmic brownie, and pop tart candy apples, and you better believe that they’re all delicious! I’m not the biggest fan of apples, but slap some chocolate on them and they’re the best things in the world. And chocolate apples with sugary toppings might as well be considered a dessert. These would be the perfect treat to bring to your friend’s Halloween party this week, so let’s get making!



Melting chocolate in white and pink
Rainbow sprinkles
Frosted circus animal cookies
Cosmic brownies
Pop tarts



1. Wash off the apples and stick a wooden skewer in the top of the apple.

2. Crush up the circus animal cookies in a food processor. Chop up the cosmic brownies with a knife into small pieces. Break up the pop tarts with your hand into medium-sized pieces.

3. Melt the chocolate in mugs. Make sure the apples fit into the mugs you are using. Dip the apples into the chocolate 3/4 of the way.

4. To make the circus animal cookie apples, roll the bottom of the apple in the crushed circus animal cookies.

5. To make the funfetti apples, sprinkle rainbow sprinkles all around the bottom of the apple.

6. To make the cosmic brownie apples, take the bits of cosmic brownie and sprinkle it over the chocolate on the apple.

7. To make the pop tart apple, stick the pieces of pop tart on the bottom of the apple.

8. Put the apples in the refrigerator to let the chocolate harden completely. Enjoy!



Which one are you going to try first?! My favorite is definitely the cosmic brownie apple, and the circus animal cookie one comes in at a close second! If you’re looking for any other Fall treats to make, check out these caramel apple donuts we made last year!

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