DIY Bubble Tea Boba Halloween Costume

Raise your hand if you love boba (bubble tea)! What’s your go-to flavor? I’m a traditional bubble milk black tea of kind gal, but I can get down with a taro tea every once in a while too. Well if you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re showing you how to make the easiest BUBBLE TEA Halloween costume today! And when I say it’s the easiest costume, that means that you probably already own everything you need to make it. Can anyone say last-minute costume? P.S. you now have an excuse to carry around bubble tea all night too. Score! Let’s get to it!


Black pom poms

White felt

Paper towel roll or any cardboard tube

Pink wrapping paper


A dress you want to use


Hot glue gun


1. Start by hot gluing the black pom poms to the bottom of the dress in a random arrangement.

2. Cut strips out of the white felt to line the outside of the dress (this will help to make it look more like a cup) and hot glue them on.

3. To make the straw headband, cut a cardboard tube to the length you want it to be and wrap it in pink wrapping paper.

4. Poke a hole through the bottom of the tube and thread the headband through it. Hot glue the “straw” in place and bobby pin it to your head! Voila!

Do you guys have an idea of what you want to be this year yet? Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, because we have a lot more costumes coming your way in the next few weeks!

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