DIY Bubble Bottle Halloween Costume


This is our last costume of the year, folks, and easily the most fun to make! So if you don’t have your whole look figured out, all you need is some cardboard and a hot glue gun for this last-minute costume. And if this costume wasn’t fun already, we added balloons to ours too. Any costume that involves balloons is a winner in my book! Grab that bubble blower because we’re making ourselves a GIANT bubble bottle for Halloween!



Cardboard or illustration board
Hot glue gun
Long ruler
Exacto knife
Spray adhesive
White balloons




1. Measure around your hips and add 10 inches. This will the diameter of the tube you make. Determine the length of the tube and cut a rectangle with the correct dimensions out of cardboard.

2. Score lines an inch apart from each other along the whole piece of cardboard and fold them into a cylinder. Secure both ends of the cylinder with hot glue.

3. Cut out the bubble bottle printable and use spray adhesive to attach it to the outside of the cardboard cylinder.

4. Figure out where you want the cylinder to sit on your body and measure out two pieces of ribbon for straps. Attach the straps to the inside of the cylinder with hot glue.

5. Inflate different sizes of white balloons and hot glue them to the outside of the bubble bottle.

6. To make the bubble wand, cut out the bubble wand template and a piece of cardboard that is the same size. Hot glue the bubble wand template to the cardboard and viola!



Have you guys figured out what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? I’m either going with this bubble costume or the roller disco Barbie costume we did! Let us know in the comments what your plans are!

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  1. Can u please do a Kawaii balloon based costume becouse my birthday next week And i want tO find somthing easy and quik to make

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