Weekend Round-Up!

 Do you see that magical looking stuff pictured above? Well if you’ve followed along on Insta Stories this week, you’ll know that I made chocolate bark for the first time, complete with glitter and homemade sprinkles too. I’ve only been able to get myself to eat a couple of pieces though because it’s actually too pretty to eat! Ha! Have you guys made any yummy desserts this week?

In other news, our first video comes out next week AND our new website launch is happening too! Let’s just say next week is a BIG week and both of these projects have been a long time coming. Can’t wait, you guys are going to freak out over the website (not to spoil anything but there’s lots of color and lots of fun)! We kicked off Halloween this week with the first of many DIY costumes. And in case you missed it, I was a Roller Disco Barbie! Wearing this Barbie box and roller skates for photos on our roof while all of the building’s smokers stood around and stared was definitely one of the more embarrassing things I’ve done. Do it for the photo, am I right?! Ha!

Fun things on the Internet this week…

Did you guys catch our first Halloween costume DIY yet?!

I don’t have a pizza pillow yet, and I need to make this one to add to my collection

This is what I want all of my Fall looks to be like

Are these peacock slippers the new flamingo slippers?

Who’s started planning out their pumpkin decorating already? We’ve got this DIY for you

This jar of sprinkles costume is probably the best costume I’ve ever seen

NEED this glitter cake slice bag, and the pizza one too!

I’ll be wearing this pink fur scarf with every jacket this fall


Anything fun planned this weekend? Sound off in the comments below!

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