DIY Roller Skate Throw Pillow

The whole time I was working on this project I kept singing the “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates” song in my head. And guess what?! We do have a brand new roller skate today and it’s in pillow form! That’s right folks, we haven’t done a DIY pillow in a while, so we’re changing that up and showing you how to make an adorable pink roller skate throw pillow. Plus, the best part is you could totally make this pillow with glue if you don’t know how to sew! Talk about a great weekend project. I have a serious itch to go to the roller rink now, who’s with me? Let’s get ready for disco fever and sparkles and make this roller skate pillow!


White cotton fabric

Sewing machine (or you can glue the pillow together)

Felt in pink and gray

Craft glue

Silver glitter


Pink pom pom

Pillow stuffing

Roller skate template


1. Draw out a roller skate silhouette onto a large piece of paper. Mine was 14″ in width. Cut the template out.

2. Trace the template onto your white cotton fabric twice. Cut these pieces out. They will be the front and back to your pillow.

3. Sew or glue both pieces together, leaving a few inches open at the top so you can have room to stuff the pillow.

4. Turn the pillow inside out and stuff it with pillow stuffing. Once it is filled, hand sew or glue up the small opening that you left at the top.

5. Cut two pink circles out of felt that are the size of the wheels on your pillow and a pink rectangle for the stopper. Glue these in place on the front of the pillow with craft glue.

6. Glue your shoelaces to the pillow to make it look like they are laced up and tied. You can get creative with this area and do a different pattern than the one I did.

7. Cut out a gray strip in felt to place above the wheels and glue in place. Put more glue on top of the felt you just placed and sprinkle it with silver glitter.

8. Glue or sew the pom pom in place on the toe of the roller skate.

9. Allow everything to dry completely and add your new throw pillow to your couch!

Strap on those skates ’cause there’s lots of pillow-making to be had! And if you need any additional pillows for your sofa, why don’t you check out this DIY funfetti cake slice pillow?!

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