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newyorkcolorhunt-5Even though New York is commonly known as the concrete jungle with a black and white aesthetic, there’s a lot of color in this big city. And since I’m always up for an adventure, we’re bringing you a Brooklyn color hunt today with the Square Cash App! That’s right folks, the day has finally arrived for us to share a few of our favorite colorful locations and take you along for the rainbow ride.

The Square Cash App allows you to transfer funds for free instantly. So it makes paying your friend back for the cab ride over to your favorite photo spot easy and effortless! And if you ask me, Square Cash has a superior design to other financial apps and doesn’t have that silly social news feed either. Definitely a win win situation, am I right?! Now let’s get into that color hunt, and if you’re ever in Brooklyn, you’ll have some fun backdrop choices for that next Instagram profile pic!


Rainbow Leaf Wall

6 Grattan St / Brooklyn, NY 11206


Colorwave Wall

54 Bogart St / Brooklyn, NY 11206


Pink Jerkface Wall

103 Morgan Ave / Brooklyn, NY 11206


Vertical Rainbow Ombre Wall

6 Grattan St / Brooklyn, NY 11206




newyorkcolorhunt-7Did you guys have fun on our little color hunt? Which wall was your favorite? With Square Cash it was so much easier for my friends and I to travel around the city and pay each other back for taxi rides (and the dozen donuts we bought too)! We’re hoping to do more color hunts around New York very soon, so stay tuned!

This post was sponsored by Square Cash. All content and opinions are my own. Thank you for continuing to support sponsors that make this blog a lot more Aww Sam! You can find more about my sponsorship opportunities here.

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