4 Easy Back-To-School Supply DIYs

I know some of you have already started school, but it’s never too late for some fun back-to-school DIYs, am I right? Today we’re showing you four (count ’em, FOUR) different school-related projects and they all take under 10 minutes to make! We’ve got a pencil holder, eraser toppers, typography pencils, and sharpeners on the list of things to make, and you better believe that they’re all full of fun and color.


For the pencil toppers:

Shaped erasers (here)


Drillbit the size of your pencil erasers

For the plastic food pencil sharpeners:

Plastic toy food (here)

Exacto knife

Small metal pencil sharpener


For the typography pencils:

Colored pencils

Small letter stickers

For the french fry pencil holder:

French fry container template (here)


Pink paint

Illustration board or cardboard

Letter stickers

Hot glue gun

Yellow no 2 pencils


For the pencil toppers:

1. Measure the size of the eraser that you want to put the topper on.

2. Drill a hole in the bottom of the eraser and stick the eraser on your pencil.

For the plastic food pencil sharpeners:

1. Trace the size of the pencil sharpener onto the plastic food.

2. Use an exacto knife to cut out the area you just traced.

3. Put the pencil sharpener into the plastic food and super glue it in place.

For the typography pencils:

1. Figure out the phrases you want to create and place them onto the pencils with your small letter stickers.

For the french fry pencil holder:

1. Print and cut out the french fry holder template. Trace it onto illustration board and cut it out.

2. Fold the illustration board and hot glue the container together from the inside.

3. Paint the container pink and allow to dry completely.

4. Place the letter stickers on the front of the container and put all of your yellow pencils inside!


I would have been too cool for school with that french fry pencil holder! And you could totally stick some magnets on the back and use it in your locker too. Now, I just have one question, is it FRY-day yet?


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