Weekend Round-Up!

I don’t know about you, but I’m SO happy this week is over that I’m literally RIDING into the weekend! We got this car for a photo prop and I couldn’t help but take it for a test drive. Ha, it gets good mileage! Anyways, after the crazy week we had last week, I’ve taken it slow this week and it seemed like Friday would never come. I almost prefer a busy week to a slower week because the time flies by! Moving on into the weekend, we have a few projects to work on, and we’ll be doing some filming for the first time ever (excited and nervous for this one), so make sure to follow along on Snapchat and Instagram Stories for some probably hilarious and embarrassing behind the scenes. I hope all of my readers in a Summer season are doing something fun outside this weekend and making the most of the remainder of Summer. Crossing my fingers I’ll be able to go to the beach one more time!

Fun things on the Internet this week…

I donut know and donut care about anything but these slippers

Can someone in California bring me one of these donuts ASAP? Please and thank you!

These painted balloons are such a genius party idea

Only a few more weeks left to vote for me in the Bloglovin’ awards

I’ll be finishing off the rest of this cotton candy fudge this weekend

Whatever this dessert is, it’s actually too pretty to eat

Who wants to come hang out and sit by this dreamy pool with me?!

I’m not even going back-to-school, but I’ll definitely be buying this backpack anyways


What’s everyone up to this weekend? Sound off in the comments below!

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