Four DIY Pool Float Cakes!

You guys have been giving the flamingo pool float cake we did so much love all over the Internet since we released the DIY. And after polling everyone on Instagram last week over what pool float cake they wanted to see next, I had the crazy idea to make FOUR different pool float cakes and do one giant DIY pool float cake post! So say a big hello to the newest members of the crew, the swan, the toucan, and the unicorn! And of course the flamingo cake is back for another round too. Ha! The toucan and the unicorn are definitely my new favorites (although the flamingo will always be the OG). Just look at how silly the toucan’s face is! Cracks me up every time I look at it. Anyways, since it’s still Summer to me until the temperature drops, go throw a huge pool party and don’t forget the pool float CAKES!



Giant donut cake pan (here)
Your favorite cake batter
24 oz pink fondant
24 oz black fondant
48 oz white fondant
Pink, black, and white frosting
Black, purple, pink, yellow, orange, green, and blue food coloring
New paintbrush
Wooden skewers


1. Spray the donut cake pans with nonstick spray. Fill both halves of your giant donut pans 2/3 full with cake batter and bake according to recipe. Allow to cool completely. Level off the tops of both halves and stick together with frosting.

2. For the flamingo cake, frost the outside in pink frosting. For the toucan cake, use black frosting. And for the swan and unicorn cakes, use white frosting.

3. For the flamingo cake, shape a flamingo head, wings, and tail with pink fondant. Shape a flamingo beak out of white fondant and attach it to the flamingo head with water. Leave the fondant pieces out for a few days to harden completely.

4. For the toucan cake, shape the toucan head out of white fondant and the wings and tail out of black fondant. Leave the fondant pieces out for a few days to harden completely.

5. For the swan cake, shape the swan head, wings, and tail out of white fondant. Leave the fondant pieces out for a few days to harden completely.

6. For the unicorn cake, shape the unicorn head and tail out of white fondant. Create a small cone out of white fondant for the horn and stick it to the top of the head. Make a long snake shape for the mane and attach it to the back of the head. Leave the fondant pieces out for a few days to harden completely.

7. Stick wooden skewers in the fondant pieces and place them into the cake. Use two skewers or a big wooden dowel for the head so it stays up.

8. Paint the details on all of the fondant pieces using a small paintbrush and food coloring and allow it to dry completely before handling.

9. Throw a giant pool party because you’ve got a lot of pool float cakes to eat!


Which one is your favorite?! I’ve been getting a lot of votes for the unicorn over on Snapchat. I think it’s because of that crazy rainbow cake inside! Ha! And what other pool float cakes would you want to see? We’ll add ’em to our list for next Summer’s posts! Hope you have fun with these!!

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