Fairy Bread Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Have you guys ever tried fairy bread before? I know my Australian readers are very familiar with it! Well for all of you who don’t already know, it’s a slice of white bread covered in butter and sprinkles and it’s usually eaten as a dessert. So since it’s already eaten as a dessert and I couldn’t find any trace of a fairy bread ice cream sandwich online already, we’re showing you how to make one! That’s right folks, that photo up there is a fairy bread ICE CREAM SANDWICH! The heat has been crazy in NYC lately, so I know you’ll be up for some ice cream. I sure am! And these are super simple to make, so your cool treat will be ready in no time.



White bread

Butter, softened

Round rainbow sprinkles

Your favorite ice cream

1. Cut the bread in half to create two triangles.

2. Spread softened butter over one triangle of bread.

3. Sprinkle the rainbow sprinkles all over the butter until it’s covered.

4. Pour your ice cream into a large pan and spread until it covers the whole pan. Place in the freezer until completely frozen.

5. Cut triangles out of the ice cream block that are the same size as the fairy bread triangles.

6. Sandwich the ice cream triangle in between a sprinkle-covered piece of bread and a plain slice of bread. Enjoy!

I don’t think a slice of bread could be any cuter than covered in rainbow sprinkles! Let’s get munching on some fairy bread!


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