DIY Plush Pillow Backpack

You guys are always going crazy over the pillows we have in the studio, and since it’s back-to-school season, we wanted to show you how to turn those fun pillow into BACKPACKS!! Yes, you read that right! It may seem insane to think that you can make a pillow into a backpack, but with a simple addition of a pocket, straps, and a zipper, you’ll be too cool for school. When I still went to school, I was always on the lookout for fun backpacks, which are a lot harder to find than you would think, so middle school me would have loved this easy DIY! Although they may not be the most practical for carrying books, they’re sure cute as an alternative for a purse or for storing your notebooks and pencils!



Plush pillows (here)

Backpack straps


Canvas fabric

Sewing machine

White thread



1. Open up the seam of the pillow and take the stuffing out. Set stuffing aside.

2. Sew the backpack straps onto the back of the pillow.

3. Cut two pieces of identical canvas and sew them together to make a lining/pocket. Sew the zipper to the top of the pocket.

4. Put as much stuffing as you want back into the pillow and sew the zipper to the hole you cut in the pillow to close it up.

5. Trim off any extra thread and you have yourself a fun, new backpack!

Even though I’m not going back-to-school, I know I’ll be rocking my emoji monkey backpack every time I go out now! What kind of pillow would you use? Think of how cute an ice cream cone would be!

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