DIY Giant Milkshake Pinata

You know the saying “go big or go home”? Well we’ve gone big this week with a GIANT milkshake pinata!! We haven’t done a pinata project over here in a hot second and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a giant pinata for a while. Thus, the strawberry milkshake pinata was born, and you can say I’m a little bit more than obsessed with it. Hello fun, new prop to add to our prop room! (We can never cope with actually smashing our pinata creations. Ha!) Even though it looks complicated, there’s nothing here that you can’t do as long as you know how to use a can of spray paint and scissors. Now go get yourself a milkshake before starting this project, because I know you’ll be craving one after! And send a mint chocolate chip one my way, pretty please with a cherry on top!


Chipboard or cardboard
Hot glue gun
Crepe paper in pink and white
Cardboard tube
Pink, white, and red acrylic paint
4in diameter styrofoam sphere
Red pipe cleaner
Flour and water (for paper mache)
White spray paint



1. (Sorry in advance for not having as many making photos! This one was an overnight project. Ha!) Build your milkshake base with chipboard by creating half of a cone for the bottom and a truncated cone for the middle. You can soak the chipboard in water to get it to bend easily.

2. Hot glue a band around the top of the milkshake and close off the top and bottom with a chipboard circle.

3. Cut fringe out of your crepe paper and hot glue it around the chipboard base you just created.

4. Paint the cardboard tube pink and white striped and the styrofoam sphere red. Stick a red pipe cleaner in the top of the sphere to make it look like a cherry.

5. To make the whipped cream, ball up newspaper and shape it into a spiral form. Secure with tape. Make paper mache out of water and flour, and paper mache over the “whipped cream” to smooth it out.

6. Once the paper mache is dry, spray paint it white and secure it to the top of the milkshake with hot glue.

7. Hot glue the cherry and the straw to the top, and you’ve made a GIANT milkshake pinata!!


My milkshake pinata brings all the boys to the yard! And if you’re in the mood for an actual milkshake after all of that fun, we’ve got a killer cosmic brownie milkshake recipe right over here!

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