DIY Back-To-School Sweet Tooth Lunchboxes

I’d like to think that if I were going back-to-school as an adult, my lunchbox would be filled with sweets! (You all totally think I don’t eat real food, don’t you? Ha!) Well for this particular project, the sweets are out in full force because we’ve got THREE different sweet-related ways to decorate your lunchboxes this back-to-school season. So if you’ve ever wanted your lunchbox to look a pop tart, birthday cake, or ice cream sandwich, now’s the time! I know I would have gone crazy for these when I was still in school. I always had to have a fun lunchbox, backpack, and locker by the time school rolled around, so I would DIY the heck out of my back-to-school stuff to get it ready. Luckily, this project only takes 10 minutes to make so you’ll have plenty of time to figure out what book covers you’ll be putting on your textbooks too!



Printable vinyl paper (here)

Plain metal lunchboxes (we got ours here)

Sweet tooth graphics download



1. Using the download we provided, print out the graphics onto your printable vinyl paper as you would print on a normal sheet of paper.

2. Cut the graphic out of the vinyl. Make sure the surface of the lunchbox is clean before you stick the vinyl on.

3. Remove the back from the vinyl and slowly put it in place on the lunchbox. Smooth out any bubbles, and you’ve got a new, fun lunchbox!


Which one are you dying to make? I’ve got major heart eyes for the pop tart one! Do you remember those pop tart savers that they used to have for you to put your pop tart in so it wouldn’t get smashed in your lunchbox? That’s what this reminds me of. Ha!


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