Weekend Round-Up!

Happy Flamingo Friday! Whew, this week went by so quickly! After a slow month in June, we just signed A TON of new contracts, so get ready for some fun new posts coming soon. I’ll let you in on some blogging information; you’re bound to have months where you don’t get many jobs, but don’t worry!! Anyways, I always love working on new things because it provides a little break from the day to day routine we sometimes fall into. And speaking of fun posts, I’m so happy to see that you guys are still loving the flamingo pool float cake we made a few weeks ago (it has over 12,000 saves on Pinterest, I’m so humbled)! We’ve been thinking about doing some more cake versions of pool floats before the Summer’s over, so who wants to see a swan and toucan cake too?! We won’t be going to the beach this weekend, but we can at least pretend with a little beach-inspired cake, right?

Fun things on the Internet this week…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more fun than this balloon wall photobooth

We all had light up shoes when we were kids, but none were quite as cool as these

Did you see the new cake roll we made for Pocky? It’s almost too cute to eat!

This is a time where I’m exceptionally happy I can still wear Junior’s clothing

I need this watermelon swimsuit and a pool ASAP

Have you guys read about the Museum of Ice Cream coming to NYC?! There’s a sprinkle pool!

These ice cream cone wrappers will be going around every ice cream cone I eat this Summer



Anything fun planned this weekend? Have a great weekend!

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