Throwback DIY: Watermelon Push Pop Popsicles

Do you guys remember push pop popsicles?! I used to love them as a kid, and I very clearly remember an orange flavored one with a Flintstones wrapping. Did anyone else have that one? If you’ve never had push pops you HAVE to try them, and you’re in luck because we’ve got a push pop throwback DIY today with WATERMELON push pops! And they’re made with mint, vanilla, and strawberry chocolate chip ice cream so they’re like an even better version of neapolitan ice cream! Push pops might be the most fun way to eat a popsicle, other than freeze pops of course, so what are you waiting for?! Let’s push it!


Push pop molds (here)
Ingredients for these mint and strawberry ice creams
Rubber bands
Extra mini chocolate chips
1. Follow the instructions to make these mint and strawberry ice creams.2. In the meantime, put rubber bands around the top of the push pop stick so it can’t slide up and down.

3. Using a funnel, pour the mint ice cream in the first 1/3 of the push pop mold. Place in the freezer for a few hours.

4. Once the mint is frozen, add 1/3 of vanilla ice cream on top of the mint. Freeze for a few hours.

5. Repeat a last time with the strawberry ice cream and place mini chocolate chips on top.

6. Cut off the rubber band when they are completely frozen and ready to consume.



Push pop it like it’s hot, pop it like it’s hot! I couldn’t resist throwing a pun in there. Ha! I hope you’re ready to conquer those hot Summer days ahead now with this cool treat. I know I am!

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