DIY Sleeping Eye Masks

I’ve been wanting to throw a little sleepover party photoshoot for a while now, but knowing that it would be a big shoot with a lot of clean-up was always a little daunting. So when method challenged us to come up with a project for their #fearnomess campaign, I knew this was the perfect time to bust out the popcorn and potato chips and have ourselves a sleepover Aww Sam style! PLUS, we have a DIY for these fun sleep masks so you can chill out and press snooze for the rest of the day. I know I’ll be using one of these for a little nap later on! Who knew the work week after a 3-day weekend was so hard?! Ha! And don’t worry about eating those snacks in bed (we all know we’re guilty of it sometimes) because method’s non-toxic, biodegradable products are totally here to help you get that salsa you dropped on your bed out of your sheets!


Plain eye masks (here)
Iron on vinyl in various colors (here)
Iron on letters
Cotton cloth
method 4x concentrated laundry detergent



1. Prep the eye mask by cleaning it with method laundry detergent to make sure it is free of dirt and dust.

2. Cut letters or shapes out of the iron on vinyl and place them where you want them to go on the mask.

3. Place a cotton cloth over your design and turn your iron to the cotton setting. Iron over your design until all of it is stuck down and nothing peels away. Allow to cool completely.

4. Wash your eye masks with the method laundry detergent once more to make sure that the iron on vinyl is in place.

5. Wear your fun, new eye masks to bed and press snooze on life!


Project execution: Cassidy Claus | Concept, Styling, and Photography: Aww Sam

You’re so ready to say “namaste in bed” today now, and have a chill day! What’s your favorite sleepover snack food? I’m all about the buttered popcorn with extra butter, please! It’s easy to justify those extra messy junk foods when you #fearnomess with method, am I right? (wink)


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  1. Such a cute DIY! These masks would make for great gifts for my traveling friends.

    PS. I have the same donut pillow and it's the best. All my friends want to take it home when they visit. 🙂

    xo Carla |

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