90’s Wrapping Paper Printables

We haven’t done a printable over here in what seems like forever, and since Summer seems to be the season of birthdays, we’re giving you three (count ’em, THREE!) fun printable wrapping papers! I’m constantly on the lookout for fun gift wrap, but the options at the party store just don’t seem to cut it. With the 90s making a huge comeback lately, why not jump on board the 90’s trend with a Barbie limo wrapping paper? Did any of you have the actual Barbie swimming pool car?! (I always dreamt I’d own a life-sized Barbie limo. Ha!) Well, we’ve got you covered in the nail art department with the 90’s nails from last week, so the only thing you need now is a tie dyed shirt and some glow sticks, and you’re ready for a throwback party!


To download the “oh snap” paper click here

To download the 90’s neon pattern click here

To download the Barbie limo paper click here

These are currently sized at standard wrapping paper sizes, but if you’d like to print them at a smaller scale on your home printer, scale down the designs before printing. To print them at a larger scale, visit your local printing shop and they should be able to print out large versions!


Graphic Design & Printables: Nova Megantara| Styling, and Photography: Aww Sam

Now all of your birthday present-wrapping woes are over! And if you’re in charge of bringing the cake to the party too, this sticker cake is sure to be a huge hit!


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