Weekend Round-Up!

I haven’t shared my manicure in a while (and we all know I get them regularly), so here’s what my nails looked like this week! Become a rainbow mermaid: check! I never talk about the amount of work that goes into making sure my hands look good for photos, but jeez, a year ago I never thought I would be getting manicures once a week. Ha!

So in other news, we just finished the new season of Orange is the New Black, and who saw that coming?! We tried to space the episodes out this season so we didn’t go into that “what do you do when you finish binging on a show” depression. Anyways, I won’t spoil anything, but why did that have to happen?? Ha! And on that note, happy Friday!! Friday is always my favorite day of the week. Not because the work week is over (because let’s face it, we usually work on the weekends), but because we plan for a new week and have a fresh creative outlook. We have some big projects coming up end of June/beginning of July that we’ll be prepping for, and I think you’re really going to love them! One of them is VERY pink, so all you pink lovers get pumped!!

Fun things on the Internet this week…

If you’re planning some fun outdoor parties this Summer, you’ll need these

Did you see these flamingo wall lamps yet? Lighting has never been so cute

Peanut butter, chocolate chips, AND marshmallows?! This treat hits the mark

This cardboard ice cream cart might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

I’m thinking I need to add these metallic mules to my collection

My vote’s for pizza all day, every day, so this shirt is perfect

These freeze pops might be the only way to combat the crazy heat this year



Anything fun planned this weekend? Have a great weekend!

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