DIY Rainbow Cake-Filled Truffle Gems

You guys are all gems! Now that I got the pun out of the way…I’ve been wanting to try out this new cake technique for a while where you make a chocolate shell, place cake inside, and fill the chocolate back up (so basically truffles with cake inside)! And we obviously had to put a colorful twist on the basic cake truffle by making the inside AND outside RAINBOW!! This is one of the first projects we’ve done in a while that has turned out exactly as I envisioned, which is always a good feeling, so I hope you guys are ready to get your cake on. These chocolate gems would be such a good gift, and imagine everyone’s surprise to find rainbow cake inside! And here I thought chocolate couldn’t get any better. They’re so easy to make too, so let’s get makin’!


White melting chocolate
Gem silicone mold (here)
Cake in multiple colors
Vanilla frosting
Piping bag
Luster dust in rainbow colors
New paint brush



1. Take your different colors of cake and combine each of them with a small amount of vanilla frosting.

2. Combine the colors of cake to form a rainbow ball that will fit inside of your mold.

3. Melt the melting chocolate and put it into a piping bag.

4. Fill each cavity of the mold to the brim with chocolate. Tap the mold on the table to remove air bubbles.

5. Flip the mold over and pour out the chocolate so that only a shell of chocolate remains in the mold.

6. Drop the cake balls into the middle of the mold and press down to make sure they’re stuck into the chocolate.

7. Fill the mold completely with chocolate again and tap on the table to remove air bubbles. Place in the refrigerator until the chocolate has set.

8. Remove the chocolate gems from the mold and dust on rainbow colors by using a paintbrush and your luster dust. Enjoy!


Are you hungry for cake yet?! We’ve already polished off all of these gems, so I think another batch with might be in order! What colors are you going to use for your cake gems? Different shades of pink cake inside would be amazing!!

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