Fun DIY Ways To Update Your Beach Cooler

I have a habit of buying anything I might think I can make into a DIY project before I actually have an idea for a DIY project. So I’ve had this vintage-style cooler lying around for a while when my boyfriend had a brilliant idea to deck it out in magnets! And even if the cooler you want to decorate isn’t magnetic, you could paint it with magnetic paint! So we’re showing you how to make your own letter magnets, magnets out of patches, and a fun game idea for the front of your beach cooler. You’re going to have a lot of fun with this one; it keeps reminding me of a mini fridge with those alphabet magnets! Ha! Let’s chill out and get making!



Metal cooler (here or here)
Pink spray paint
Adhesive magnet backing
Alphabet letters (here)


1. If you want to paint your cooler pink like we did, remove all of the silver pieces from the outside with a screwdriver and tape around the top with painter’s tape.

2. Spray two coats on the cooler allowing the paint to dry between coats. After the second coat is dry, sand the surfaces and remove any paint dust with a cloth. Apply a third coat. Allow to dry completely.

3. For the patch magnets, peel the backing off of the adhesive side of your magnet sheet and stick the patch on. Trim away any access magnet areas.

4. For the alphabet letters, spray paint the alphabet beads and allow to dry completely. Stick them to small pieces of the adhesive magnet sheet, and you’ve made some fun alphabet magnets!

5. Arrange the letters to play a game of tic tac toe or spell out your favorite phrases.



I’m SO ready to go hang out at the beach now, what about you?! Who’s up for a game of tic tac toe? I’ll meet you at the cooler! The possibilities for this are endless, all you need are some magnets. Now, where my beaches at?

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