Lisa Frank Inspired Edible “Spray Paint” Donuts

Have you guys seen recently that Lisa Frank is making a comeback with an adult coloring book AND a new party line?! The 90s kid in me is screaming with excitement. So what better way to celebrate the return of a brand that is so on point for Aww Sam than to make rainbow edible “spray paint” donuts?? If you’ve never heard of food coloring spray mist, your mind is about to be blown! It’s basically exactly what it sounds like; food coloring in an aerosol form, so you can use it just like a can of spray paint. This is such an easy way to turn boring donuts into a masterpiece, plus it’s really fun to “spray paint” a donut! Ha! Find the how-to below!



You favorite donuts with vanilla icing
Edible food coloring mist (here)
Scrap piece of paper



1. Put down a scrap piece of paper (this will stain surfaces slightly if spray directly on a counter).

2. Grab one color of the edible food coloring spray and aim it about 5″ away from the donut. Spray a small section of the donut and allow to dry for a few minutes.

3. Continue this with all of the colors until you’ve made it all of the way around the donuts.

4. Allow to dry completely and enjoy!


You are so ready to make a colorful mess with edible spray paint now! You could even take this project a step further and make stencils to spray a design or a phrase onto your donuts. Imagine how fun a rainbow polka dot pattern would be!


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  1. I love this idea! These look amazing! I did not hear about the new Lisa Frank line. I am so excited right now. My favorite was the dolphins when I was little.

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