DIY Lawn Flamingo Wall Lamps

One of the first projects I did when I started Aww Sam were these DIY flamingo wall hooks. They’ve been one of our most popular projects to date (I still see them floating around Pinterest from time to time), so I thought we’d revisit lawn flamingos and show you how to make DIY lawn flamingo WALL LAMPS! We always have lawn flamingos lying around in the studio for props for shoots. And, I mean, who needs a normal lamp when you can have a flamingo-shaped one?! Our space is so much more fun now, and it’s the perfect project for National Pink Day today (did you guys know that was a thing?!) Bring on those pink lawn flamingos, and find the full how-to below!


Lawn flamingos
Hand saw
Super glue
Cleat socket (here)
Cord (here)
Light bulb
Drill and drill bits
Wall screws



1. Cut off half of the flamingo with your handsaw.

2. Trace the opening of the flamingo onto a piece of plastic. Cut out the plastic piece.

3. Drill a hole in the piece of plastic approximately 3/8″ large. Super glue the plastic to the opening of the flamingo.

4. Connect wiring to light socket by wrapping the wire around the two screws and screwing them in place. Put electrical tape around those connections so you do not get shocked.

5. Mount the socket to the wall with a screw. Place another screw above the socket for the flamingo to hang on.

6. Hang the flamingo on the wall screw by inserting it into the drill hole you made in the piece of plastic.

7. Turn on your light and you’re ready to go!



Let’s get ready to flamingle! This was such a fun project to make and I hope you guys loved it too! What other uses for lawn flamingos can you think of? Make sure to let us know in the comments if there’s another flamingo project you want to see.

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