Weekend Round-Up!


I shared this photo on Instagram yesterday, so you’ve already seen it if you follow along over there, but I had the fun (and definitely weird) idea of filling up a pool with smiley face balloons while wearing a smiley face swimsuit and smiley face sunglasses. Ha! Seriously, my ideas are bizarre sometimes!

I feel like every Friday I say it’s been a busy week, but I can’t remember the last time it hasn’t been a busy week! It’s definitely crazy being your own boss while also answering emails, doing photography, editing, writing, etc. I have about 20 jobs total!! Aww Sam’s 1st birthday is next week, and in preparation I’ve been thinking about next steps for the brand, so this week I had a lot of meetings and started some exciting partnerships for our next year. Andddd I’m getting ready to hire for positions! I’ve been wanting to hire a part-time employee and fill a few other positions for a while, but the timing never felt right until now. So if you’re in the NYC area, be on the lookout for job details and how to apply next week!

Fun things on the Internet this week…

Grilled cheese and tacos came together for this masterpiece

Loving this throwback happy mail! Anyone remember cosmic brownies?!

If you’ve checked the ASOS US homepage recently you’ll notice one of my photos for this story

You can make this adorable cereal for breakfast this morning!

It won’t be Summer without a little bit of ice cream

These typography lightboxes are going to be everyone’s next obsession

All you fellow cactus lovers with be swooning over this bikini

Anything fun planned this weekend? My parents will be here on Sunday, but otherwise I’ll be doing work work work work! Have a great weekend!

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