Weekend Round-Up!

Have you guys picked up one of my flamingo pins that I made in collaboration with Adam JK yet?! If not, head on over to get one before they’re gone!!! It’s so much finally having a pin design I am completely in love with after being a collector for so long. Totally upping my #pingame! 

Whew! It’s sure been a busy week!! Possibly one of the busiest since I started Aww Sam. But we made it through with the help of a lot of caffeine and no help from the rainy weather we’ve had all week. I’m so excited for the next few weeks because May is my birthday month AND it’s when I started Aww Sam! My baby (it definitely feels like a baby sometimes, ha!) is turning 1 this year, and we’ll definitely be celebrating with giveaways and a fun DIY party. And next month we’re going on vacation for a few days, so the next few weeks will involve work work work to get everything done before some fun in the sun! 

Fun things on the Internet this week…

Since it’s Mother’s Day this weekend, this one’s for all you moms out there!

I’m going crazy over this pink room, how do I get one?

I totally thought this was a real cake, but it’s a jewelry box!

Emoji sandals?! Yes times a million

I’m loving these typography vases, I need to make ones that say “boss”

You know I love anything flamingo related, so this is right up my alley

This is supposed to be for children, but I couldn’t resist getting it anyways

Anything fun planned this weekend? Have a great weekend!


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